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Noohkema Game Studios is an independent mobile and PC game developer located in Cameroon. Noohkema develops games based on original concepts and innovative technologies, drawing on the cultural imaginary of Cameroonians and Africans while remaining open to the best of international influences.

Our games

Noohkema Game Studios is currently working on Meenlah: Quest of the Stolen Spirits, an adventure-action's video game entirely in 3D. Other new releases of mobile projects are in preparation.

Meenlah: Quest of the Stolen Spirits

Enjoy a unique adventure in the heart of a lively and captivating world, accompanied by a narration full of surprises.

A brand with strong values

Noohkema Game Studios carries founding values by the same sense of the chosen name.

Video Intro

story behind our brands

Noohkema originates from the language 'Bamena', a Bamiléké tribe in the West Cameroon. It means and represents the LION, it evokes the majesty, strength, supremacy. In many African cultures, the lion appears as the king of animals.

Become a leader in video games and interactive program in Africa, designing and developing innovative mobile games and PC, attractive, interactive and rewarding, that is our vision. In this sense, our visual identity is built to translate Quality, Leadership and Excellence.

A Creative team

We are a team of professional and talented creatives sharing a passion for video games and digital innovations.

Michel Nkuindja

Creative Lion

Studio Conductor, Michel coordinates and facilitates teamwork. His daily life is punctuated with bright ideas. He develops and designs game mechanics.

Emmanuel Nguema

Game Designer

Genuine Swiss Army knife creative, Emmanuel mainly deals in the production and character design game. He creates attractive and awesome concepts.

Adnan Chaumette

Technical Environmental Artist

Young disciplined and rigorous self-taught, Adnan is responsible for the gaming environment (Modeling, texturing, shader, Lighting, etc ...).

Steven Nguetsa

VFX Artist

Experienced and talented, Steven has a passion for special effects; nicknamed the magician, he takes care of everything concerning the VFX.

Mister X

Advisor, Tech Evangelist

True Visionary in the gaming and animation industry impact for Africa.

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